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About Us.

¿Who is OWE?

Open World Education was founded in 2013 after several years of experience advising family and friends to bring youth and adults abroad for English learning, ensuring a unique and vital experience to the growth and development of each in addition to learning English in premium immersion environments.

¿Why OWE?

At Open World Education we know the importance of training in an increasingly globalized world, and in turn more competitive, which is why it is increasingly important to begin to lay the foundation of the English language at an early age.

The OWE method includes a series of programs in which English learning is guaranteed, and that naturally develop in the different establishments selected, always taking sports and different activities as an integrator, so you get children to integrate and participate in the program achieving a real evolution in language skills.

¿What Does OWE Offer?

OWE takes a personalized study for each student in order to provide the best possible environment between the different options that we propose (Camps, Day Camps, Sports Camps, Child, etc …) and in this way to ensure the success of both the student and for parents.

  • A wide selection of high quality programs for all budgets.
  • Teachers and instructors with extensive experience and training.
  • Guidance, counseling and assistance during the trip for students.
  • 24 hours assistance and information for parents.
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