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What are the requirements to get into a program?
Meet the specific requirements of each program.
Be willing to learn and enjoy to make the program a success.
What documentation is needed?
All participants, including children, must have their documentation in order according to the current regulations in the destination country.

For UK: Valid passport (more convenient and advisable) and valid longer than the completion of the program. You can also travel with ID, but must also take parental permission issued in any police station in the country.

For USA: Digital Passport. No visa is required for stays of less than three months. Although there has to be a travel authorization issued from Spain. We will give you all the information when you complete your reservation.

Do I need insurance?
All Open World Education programs are included with insurance coverage and guarantees sufficient to deal with any mishap during the trip.

If you need more information please consult the terms of insurance.

¿What guarantee do camps offer?
 All UK camps have been selected among the 10 best camps in the UK over the past 10 years.

All camps in USA are accredited by the ACA (American Camps Association), which means:

  • The purpose of the ACA is to conserve, promote and enhance quality service in the camps, thus improving the experience of campers.
  • The ACA accreditation is voluntary. Accredited camps have gone through a long process in which a team of seasoned professionals in the field of the centers visited camps and determined whether it meets the requirements set by the association in regard to health aspects, security, management , programming and facilities.
  • The ACA accreditation is a guarantee of quality in all aspects of camp that are crucial to the welfare of children.
  • We are convinced that the ACA accreditation is the best way to show parents that the camp provides a safe and nurturing environment for their children.
What happens if my child gets sick?

All camps have an infirmary and in most of the camps permanently there is a doctor that guarantees that any minor mishap will be treated quickly and effectively.

If the child become ill, camps immediately notify you and will keep you informed about your child health.

Is there something special if it is his/her birthday? I can call my son?

If it is the birthday of the child during the summer, parents and immediate family can call him/her at lunch time.

On the child’s birthday, the entire camp will sing happy birthday and will have a birthday cake as dessert to share with the rest of the cabin.

How do I know my child has arrived well?

Depending on the time difference, it’s natural to contact the day after arrival at camp, but in some cases it is possible to contact on the day of arrival.
Once contact hasben made to tell th eparents their child has arrived safe, it is recommended not to contact again at least until a week later.
Although it is highly advisable to contact via mail once or twice a week.

Are cell phones allowed?
The use of cell phones it is strictly prohibited.

They are usually left on arrival at the camp office and returned to the child on departure, however, it is advisable to have the most important phone numbers stored in the phone memory in case of an emergency and to contact at the arrival at the airport.

How does the camp manage the children’s pocket money?
Generally, the camp instructors manage the children’s pocket money through the “Camp Bank” to make sure, it lasts all of the children stay at camp.
How much money is needed as pocket money?
Although it may vary from camp to camp, we recommend calculating around 75 USD per week.

As a general rule, once enrollement on a program is confirmed, we sent a full “Parents Package” with all relevant information to prepare the journey peacefully.

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